Multiple jobs available in Shoprite South Africa

Shoprite Group of Companies is Africa’s biggestfood retailer. It controls 2,689 outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Shoprite headquarters are in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The Shoprite Holdings Limited is a public company which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and as secondary listings on both the Namibian and Zambian Stock Exchanges. As of 2019, the company as hired more than 146,000 people of whom 23,500 worked outside South Africa.
 In 2005 the company acquired Foodworld including the South African ticket seller Compile ticket, and opened its first Shoprite LiquorShop
Shoprite Holdings entered into a contract with Metcash Trading Limited under the terms of that arrangement the franchise division of Metcash was sold to Shoprite Checkers which include all franchise arrangements 
Shoprite Holdings Limited consist of the following entities: the Shoprite Checkers Supermarket Group, which comprises of 613 Shoprite supermarkets,37 Checkers Hypers, 209 Checkers Supermarkets ,488 Furniture outlets which include OK Furniture, OK Power Express, House & Home, 367 Usave stores,197 Hungry Lion fast food outlets, 162 MediRite pharmacies and 390 Liquor Shops.
The company has a ticketing business Compu ticket which operates from counters within Group stores and countless free-standing outlets. Through its OK Franchise Division, the Group procures and dispenses stock to OK MiniMark convenience stores, OK Grocer stores, OK Foods supermarkets,OK Value stores, Megasave wholesale stores,Sentra stores and buying partners, and also Friendly supermarkets, Friendly Liquor stores, OK Express and OK Liquor stores. The company has over 2689 corporate outlets under various brand names.